Jews, Jewish and Judaism
Judaism, Talmud, Torah

Jews, Jewish and Judaism

Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדִים / Yehudim, Ancient Greek: Ἰουδαῖοι / Ioudaioi, Latin: Iudaei, etc..) Are members of a people bound to his own religion, Judaism, and’in a broad sense to ethnicity and religieuse.

The Jewish tradition traces their ancestry to the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also called Israel. They inhabit the kingdom of Judea and Israel, structuring their lives around the Hebrew Bible, which includes the five books of the Torah attributed to Moses, the prophets subsequent books and other writings. The Bible defines both their beliefs, their history, their national identity and their future, their lives legislating’in all areas of life.

Following the vagaries of history, the Jews were deported to migrate or Judea and swarm around the world. The Jewish diaspora is mainly due to the combination of two factors, a willingness to spin and the need to flee persécutions6. Trying to maintain their traditional way of life’in neighboring communities’in which they acculturate, they develop religious traditions, and languages ​​of culinary and other specific features. Conversely, they exert a certain attraction to their host populations and is recorded’in the Roman Empire a large number of conversions to Judaism. The impact and the proportion of these conversions are debated among historians.

The great revolutions of the modern era result’in many of them a loss or abandonment of all or part of traditional markers. Several attempts are being made to redefine itself as religious entity, national or cultural so’in French, common usage distinguishes between Jews (with a capital letter-"people descended from the ancient people of Israel") and Jews (not capitalized-"people who profess Judaism").

The total number of contemporary Jews is difficult to estimate accurately, and the subject of controversy, but according to an estimate made’in 2010, it would be about 13.4 million1. The majority of them live’in Israel and the United States, and other mainly’in Europe, Canada and Latin America.

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